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Total Investor gives Investors and Traders access to very experienced advisors. These advisors provide general advice on Equities, Options, CFDs,Futures, Foreign Exchange and EFTs.

Investors and Traders will gain exposure to a wide range of unique and innovative investment and trading strategies that can be tailored to meet individual investment goals.

The Income Strategy

The Income Strategy is a wealth building strategy designed to:

  • Potentially produce Monthly Income
  • Capital Protection
  • Diversified Blue Chip Portfolio
  • Utilises Dividends to Increase Income

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Covered Calls

Covered CallsĀ is a strategy to generate consistent income from your share portfolio:

  • Potentially produce Monthly Income
  • Diversified Blue Chip Portfolio
  • Utilises Dividends to increase income

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Share Portfolio Management

Share portfolio diversification is one of the simplest risk management strategies for investors:

  • Blue Chip Portfolio
  • Growth Portfolio
  • Income Portfolio

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CFD Recommendation Portfolio

CFD's have become one of the fastest growing financial products to enter the Australian market place:

  • Trade Short term Price Movements
  • Easy access to leverage
  • Suitable for all market conditions: Trade long & short

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Portfolio Options

Use options in conjunction with a share portfolios:

  • Income Strategy
  • Protected Equity
  • Sell Protected Puts
  • Spread Trading

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ETF Portfolio Management

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) are revolutionising the managed fund industry:

  • Global Portfolio
  • Emerging Markets Portfolio
  • Sector Specific Portfolio
  • Commodity Portfolio

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Investment Strategy Education

Total Investor provides educational eBooks. Topics range from Introduction to Options to Portfolio Income Strategies designed by the team of advisors at Total Investor.

Total Investor is currently providing education for free.

Free Income Strategy eBook